Youth Mask 10 Pack


10 Pack

Ages 8-14 Youth sized Canadian made recyclable, compostable single-use face masks. The cotton lace was selected as an alternative to elastics which add to the world’s plastic waste AVRO MASK – 100% Compostable. 100% Recyclable.

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10 Pack

Ages 8-14

Our premium quality Canadian made recyclable, compostable single use face masks are made from North America’s made materials. They are intended for non-medical single use protection, designed to reduce the spread of harmful viruses like COVID-19.

The product is composed of two pieces: a 100% cellulose mask body and the 100% cotton lace. Packaged flat with an origami facet fold that aids in fit and comfort. The printing is Vegetable Based non VOC inks and Water Base adhesive on the four fold over tabs. This natural recyclable, compostable face mask provides social protection without adding to the global plastic waste burden.

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Dimensions 9 × 7 × 1 in


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